Our office will be closed Tuesday, Aug 15

Team Brokers Central will be attending an exciting professional development day on Tuesday, Aug 15 along with some of our Premium & Priority brokers. The programs will be directed by Simcha Gluck co-founder of FreshBiz featuring his one-of-a-kind "gamification" program. Along with BC company advisors Phyllis Calvano & Vince Vitiello.

Our Premium & Priority brokers will also enjoy a fireside style panel conversation with industry leaders such as Wade Seward, Head of Distribution Haven Life on how Life Insurance product distribution and underwriting is changing. The program will conclude with a gourmet dinner.

Our meeting tomorrow will also be a great opportunity for attendees to become acquainted with the growing Brokers Central team. Our new Account Executive Shiffy Schwartz and our new Advanced Case Consultant Lori Epstein will be joining us as well.

More on our growing team will be announced in the coming days.

Upcoming Brokers Central Scheduled Events: Self-Directed-Power-Lunch's in Aug & Sep | csbEnvision7 Oct 31 | 2018 Kick-Off Meeting with Eszylfie Taylor (to be announced later in the year).

We look forward to returning your emails and calls when we return to the office on Wednesday.

With best wishes for continued Success,

Shaindy Goldman

Associate Vice President of Marketing