MassMutual WL Legacy 10 Pay Reprice

MassMutual's Whole Life Legacy 10 Pay will be repriced in December. Although premiums will increase for this product, policy dividends will reflect the higher premiums and overall product performance is expected to be similar to the current series.

MassMutual's Legacy series products are priced so that premiums are sufficient to fund guaranteed policy benefits, even under adverse conditions. Legacy 10 Pay is more susceptible to interest-rate risk than the company's other participating whole life products. Due to the persistent low-interest-rate environment, premiums are being increased to ensure that the product's guaranteed benefits will continue to be fully supported, even if interest rates remain low.

Since premiums for the new-series Legacy 10 Pay will be closer to the modified endowment contract (MEC) limits, adding the LTCAccess Rider will cause most policies to become MECs unless the policy is funded primarily via a 1035 exchange.

"Although premiums will increase for the new-series Legacy 10 Pay, the increase in policy dividends is expected to generate long-term internal rates of return on cash value and death benefit that are similar to the current series," said Craig Waddington, head of Retail Solutions Innovation. "We expect Legacy 10 Pay to meet performance objectives and continue to be one of the most competitive products available."

At this time, Legacy 10 Pay is not being updated to the 2017 Commissioners Standard Ordinary (CSO) Mortality Table.

Transition dates The transition dates for the new series follow:
· The November release of MassMutual Designs and WinFlex Web will be the first day to illustrate the new series.
· Dec. 8 is the last day to submit applications for the old series.
· Dec. 9 is the first day to submit applications for the new series.
· March 9, 2018, is the last day to issue and report old-series business.

Watch for more details on the change in the coming months.

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