How to Get More Top Clients in 2015 (Part 3 of 5)

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
In the third week of this series I bring you Strategies 5 and 6, which are taken directly from our most comprehensive system:  The Referral Champions System.  (For a limited time, you cansave 20% off either our DVD or Digital Systems. Go to: Use the Promo Code: CHAMPIONS20
5. Back Out of Your Request with Confidence
Excerpt from Referral Champions Module #5 – Defuse Referral Objections It’s important to ask for referrals with confidence, discuss referral objections with confidence, and back off (when necessary) with confidence.  Your success with referrals boils down to your confidence with the various strategies and skills designed to stimulate referrals. For this particular report, I’m going to give you a couple of ways you can back out of your request with confidence.  To learn everything you need to know about dealing with Client Referral Reluctance, check out (Use the Promo Code: CHAMPIONS20 to save 20%.) Backing Out of Your Referral Request Option #1 “George, that’s fine. All I ask is that if you ever identify someone you think should know about the important work I do, simply don’t keep me a secret. Fair enough?” Option #2 “George, that’s fine. I just wanted you to be aware that I’m never too busy to see if I can be a resource for others you care about. Fair enough?” Ask for referrals with confidence and back off with confidence when necessary. Both you and your clients will feel better when you feel confident in the whole process. Go More In-depth with this Strategy at:
6. Stimulate Even More Referrals from Your Source Excerpt from Referral Champions Module #6 – Receive Referrals Properly How you receive the referrals you get – whether you ask for them or not – will either inspire or discourage your clients to give you more referrals. Here are some things to consider in how you receive your referrals: 1. Learn as much as you can about your new prospect. You’ll feel better calling them and you’ll have a better initial conversation. 2. Turn the referrals you get into introductions. You need your referral source to put in a good word for you or you may not get through to your new prospect. 3. Keep your referral source in the loop. Let them know how you are progressing. 4. Say “thank you” for the referrals you get. And don’t wait for the prospect to become a client. Reward the giving of referrals. 5. Get your new client to thank the old client. This makes you even more referable. Go More In-depth with This Strategy at: