How to Get More Top Clients in 2015 (Part 2 of 5)

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
This week I bring you Strategies 3 and 4, which are taken directly from our most comprehensive system:  The Referral Champions System.  (For a limited time, you can save 20% off either our DVD or Digital Systems. Go to: Use the Promo Code:CHAMPIONS20
3. A Gentle Way to Stimulate More Referrals Excerpt from Referral Champions Module #3 – Promote Referrals Promoting referrals is not the same as asking, but it can produce results. Sometimes you promote referrals with a client and then, later, they think of someone who should know about the work you do. Sometimes promoting referrals can turn into referrals right on the spot. There are at least a dozen ways to promote referrals.  Here is one of the most powerful: Teach your clients how you handle their introductions. Let them know that all the work they do with you is completely confidential and that you handle their introductions with great care.  “Everything we do is completely confidential. I also handle this with great care. Typically my clients will send an email to their friend and cc me. Sometimes we meet over a meal – just to get to know each other first. I will never do anything to hurt my relationship with you by hurting your relationship with others.”
4. Approach Clients for Introductions without Pushing or Begging Excerpt from Referrals Champions Module #4 – Ask for Referrals with Confidence Here’s my world-famous VIPS Method™ for asking for referrals. Try it!  It works! V – Discuss the Value They Recognize This is the cornerstone of our process for asking for referrals. Make a habit of checking in with your prospects and clients on a regular basis to make sure they see the value of your process, the meeting, or your relationship. This step often results in referrals without asking for them. I – Treat the Request with Importance Why do you treat the request for referrals with importance?  Because the work you do is important.  I hope you believe that.  There are many components to this, but one of the easiest things to do is say, “I have an important question to ask you.” P – Get Permission to Brainstorm or Explore You take the push out of your request by not assuming they are okay giving you referrals. Rather, get their buy-in to the process and make it a collaborative process. You and your client work together to identify people who need to know about you. S – Suggest Names and Categories Don’t make this a one-sided conversation. Come prepared with specific individuals and/or categories of people you know you serve well.  Let your client know you’ve given this some thought and that you’d like to run a few ideas by them just to see what they think. Go Deep with This Strategy at: