How to Get More Top Clients in 2015 (Part 1 of 5)

Bill Cates, CSP, CPAE
You’d like more of the right kind of clients in 2015 – right?  Then here are 10 strategies – that if you implement them even half-way right – you’ll probably have your best year ever.  Ever!  But, you have to read it, absorb it, and do it.  Let’s get down to business, shall we? Over the next few weeks, I’ll share two strategies with you each week. By the way, these 10 Strategies are taken directly our most comprehensive system:  The Referral Champions System.  (For a limited time, you can save 20% off either or DVD or Digital Systems. Go Use the Promo Code: CHAMPIONS20
1. Recognize & Leverage Your Abundant Referral Opportunities Excerpt from Referral Champions Module #1 – Embrace a Powerful Referral Mindset Everything that’s possible for you – business and personal – starts with your belief system. The more expansive your beliefs, the more expansive your awareness is. With awareness come actions that produce results.  Do you have a powerful referral mindset? Here are some elements of a Referral Mindset:
  1. You’ve decided to build a business based on meeting people the way they want to meet you, i.e., a referral or an introduction from someone they already trust. You’re committed to referrals!
  2. You believe that approaching clients is a safe thing to do. Believing that approaching clients for referrals is risky, is a limiting belief that limits your awareness, actions, and results.
  3. You give referrals. You see yourself as a connector of people. People who give referrals tend to get referrals. People who don’t give referrals tend not to get referrals.  “As you give, you receive.”
  4. You have a process for being proactive for referrals. Wishing and hoping for referrals is not a plan of action. You promote referrals and ask for referrals at the appropriate time.
  5. You understand the full life-time value of a client.  Part of that value is the business a client can do with you. The other part is who that client can introduce you to over a lifetime.
How do you rate on these items that reflect an effective referral mindset?  What can use a boost? Go Deep with This Strategy at:
2. Get More Referrals without Even Asking Excerpt from Referral Champions Module #2 – Enhance Your Referability Factor™ Are you getting referrals without asking for them?  If you’re not getting many, then it’s possible you’re not as referable as you think you are (or need to be). Who gives referrals?   Engaged Clients! To create Engaged Clients early in your new relationships:  use a robust, client-centered, value-oriented initial process that you bring to all your new prospects and clients.  You want your initial process to be so referable that you become referable quickly. Increase engagement over time by having, using, and talking about your client-service model – that tells you how often and for what reasons you’ll be in touch with your clients – especially your ‘A’ clients. Don’t “wing it” when it comes to serving your clients! Go Deep with This Strategy at: