Getting Clients to Bring Guests to Your Event

Video Link: Getting Clients to Bring Guests to Your Event What’s the best way to ensure a client actually brings a guest – interested in meeting you – to one of your social or educational events? In this 2-minute video, Bill Cates tells you how! And you’ll get a glimpse into what he will be covering in his January 20 (2015) webinar on Event Marketing. ( Transcription: Hi this is Bill Cates and welcome to this week’s Referral Minute. You know on January 20th we’re going to be offering a complimentary webinar entitled Maximizing Your Event Marketing and I thought I’d devote this Referral Minute to a little piece of what we’re going to be talking about on that webinar. You know many folks like to put on Client Appreciation events hoping that they’ll turn into a referral event. Meaning they say to their clients, “Feel free to bring a guest.” But many time the clients don’t bring a guest or the guest they bring isn’t necessarily interested or qualified in working with you. So we have to make that distinction between a Client Appreciation event and a Referral Event and I think the way to do that is to be very clear with your clients. Now first of all have Client Appreciation events it creates engagement. It’s a very important thing to do in your business and some of those events can be specifically for introductions. “You know we’re having an event coming up next month I wanted to let you know about it. The purpose of this event is for us to meet people who might be interested in meeting with us but in a social environment. No sales pitch, we’re not going to talk business, but we get to meet some folks in a social environment and if they’re interested we can meet with them later in a more business environment. So think about who would like to bring, who you think would enjoy meeting with us and we’ll have a good time and then we’ll see if it makes sense to meet with them further.” Something like that, that’s the kind of line. We’ll go into more depth at the webinar but that gives you an insight into what we’re going to talk about on that webinar on January 20th. Even if you can’t attend the webinar what you could be doing differently with your event marketing. The distinction between a Client Appreciation Event and a true Referral Event. Now in a second a slide’s going to come up that’s going to give you more information about the webinar and how you can click on that and go ahead and sign up. It’s free, it’s complimentary. If you’re a Manager, invite your folks to be around a conference room table, have a little lunch and learn around that. This has been Bill Cates with The Referral Minute asking you, “Who will you be introduced to today?” Thanks for watching.