Are You Asking Your Clients This Question?

Video Are You Asking Your Clients This Question? Here’s a great idea I just picked up from one of my clients during a coaching session with his team. This will help solidify your value and lead to more referrals and personal introductions. Are You Asking Your Clients This Question? CLICK HERE TO TWEET TRANSCRIPTION: Just a few days ago I was with a very high producing financial professional and his team talking about their client engagement process and their referral process. A very productive meeting. We were role playing a little bit the Value Discussion and what it might sound like. My client came up with some great verbiage that I hadn’t really thought of before which I thought was remarkable. Basically we’re having the Value Discussion and I’m being the client and I’m talking a little bit about the value and then he says to me, “So how do we compare with folks you’ve used in the past?” How do we compare with folks you’ve used in the past? And I go, “Ah!” That really helped me open up to the value and the differentiation. So it does a couple of things: First of all it gets me in touch, me the client, in touch with the value that this person is providing for me. Second, it creates that point of differentiation for him to learn how is he being perceived differently than other folks in his same business, so that he can extenuate that work on that and make it stronger. When you have your Value Discussion one of the questions you might ask is, how does our relationship or how does the work we do or how is our value proposition a little different from the folks you’ve been working with in the past? You’re going to be amazed at some real quality information that will come out from that. Get them thinking. Puts them in touch with the value and creates referrals without even asking sometimes and if you do ask, you have somebody ripe and ready for asking. Now, we’ve got two great events coming up on February 26th, that’s a Thursday, we have our next complimentary webinar which is entitled: Telling Your Story, Selling Your Value. It’s all about you discovering and articulating your value to prospects, to clients and to centers of influence. Most people don’t pay enough attention to this and don’t visit with this often enough. I have a great little process through I think you’re going find it very valuable. Make sure that if you work in an office you get other people in the room and have a little lunch and learn. Spend some time afterwards processing the information I gave and then on April 23rd and 24thin Baltimore, we’re having our next Referral Fitness Boot Camp. It’s a one and a half day emersion into my referral system. You cannot walk away from that without gaining a tremendous amount of confidence, having a system and tools in place and the confidence to use those tools. If you just check out the Home page on our website you’ll see some of the great testimonials from people who have been to the boot camp and the results that they are producing. That’s April 23rd and 24th, there’s a slide coming up with the details. Posted by Bill Cates