MetLife Announces Several Underwriting Enhancements to Help Make it Easier to Do Business!

MetLife Announces Several Underwriting Enhancements to Help Make it Easier to Do Business! Revised Build Charts for Standard and Substandard Classifications Effective immediately, MetLife has revised our height and weight charts for the standard and substandard classifications. The current update allows many clients who may have been mildly rated for build, to now be eligible for Standard rates. In addition, many clients who were more highly rated for build may still have some improvement. If your client is ratable for build, our underwriters may apply credits. Eligibility for credits will be determined based on the following criteria – There are two possible credits: 1.  For all age groups, favorable results within the past 6 months for a combination of blood pressure and cholesterol/hdl ratio
  • Blood pressure results within the past 6 months – 130/85 or lower
  • Cholesterol/HDL ratio results within the past 6 months – 5.0 or lower
2.  For client’s age 50 and older, probably absence of coronary artery disease Our newly updated Condensed Underwriting Guide (copy attached) reflects the updated build charts. Blood and Urine Will No Longer Be Tested for HIV at Certain Ages and Face Amounts Effective immediately, Urine HIV testing will no longer be routinely required at ages 18 and older when the total amount inforce and applied for within 12 months is $50,001-$99,999 in the following jurisdictions: DC, DE, FL, GA, MD, NJ, NY, PR and SC. Additionally, urine specimens obtained without a full blood specimen will no longer be tested for HIV. This change is being made because risks associated with anti-selection or unknown infection has decreased through public awareness and the availability of protection options in the industry. Our Life Guide and Condensed Underwriting Guide are currently being updated to reflect this change. DON”T FORGET ABOUT OUR “ERP” PROGRAM! Our new Enhanced Rate Plus Program currently available on our MetLife Promise Whole Life Select 10sm. Try it for a Better Life Policy Offer, Faster.   Click on the link below for further details on how your clients can apply for up to $1MM without an app, blood, urine or exam…………..and get bumped to BEST CLASS from standard or preferred!