How to Leverage February’s “Insure Your Love” Campaign

life-insuranceHow often does the entire life insurance industry get behind a common marketing effort and freely share campaign ideas and collateral? Just twice a year, and NOW is one of those times.

The Life Happens non-profit organization, along with carriers and other industry organizations, develops and shares two life insurance campaigns every year. Insure Your Love in February is just kicking off now. And, Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM) happens every September.

Theses campaigns are incredibly successful. In the social media realm alone, more than 1.64 million people viewed a LIAM Public Service Announcement (PSA) on Facebook.

Fortunately, you can easily capitalize on this marketing investment. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make the most of Insure Your Love month.

Week 1: Getting started


1. Sign up for a free account at  When you complete your profile, you can select “other” for the company if yours is not listed.

2. Check out the website for producers. NOTE: To access any of the materials mentioned here, you will first need to create a free account.

3. Spread the love with your colleagues. Make your colleagues aware of the campaign and how important life insurance can be to your clients. Never forget … The #1 reason people buy life insurance is to protect those they love.

4. Update your website. Download and post a free campaign logo like the one shown above. Add life insurance fact 1 (shown below) to your website.


Week 2: Gaining momentum

1. Select a list of prospects who have young children and who may not have any or enough life insurance.

2. Share this video with your selected prospects, either by emailing the link (on the video page).

3. Also, share the video to your social media pages.

4. Add fact 2 (shown below) to your website and your social media pages.


Week 3: Finishing strong

1. Select prospects who are grandparents to young children. Your older clients who already own life insurance may be a great place to start.

2. Talk to these prospects about a limited pay life insurance for their grandchildren. It’s a small cost today for greater value in the future. Download the “Life Insurance as A Gift” graphic for use in your promotional materials.


3. Add fact 3 (shown below) to your website and your social media pages.


Throughout the year: Keeping the message alive

1. Ask your support team to inform you whenever they hear of a client wedding, new home purchase, new baby or grandbaby. Reference this page for ideas and a life insurance needs calculator to help you discuss life insurance needs during each of these milestones.

2. Whenever you communicate via email with clients, include a link to a short video testimonial about the difference having life insurance made for someone.

3. Post a link on your website to the LifeHappens Consumer Information page.

4. Share life insurance facts and videos on your social pages at least once a week.

Whether you focus on life insurance or not, follow these easy steps during February and throughout the year to see your life insurance sales grow. Even if life insurance is not your primary line of business, just about every client you have has some type of need for life insurance. Following these suggestions will help you uncover needs among your current clients and may even lead to new clients.

Brokers Central has resources and staff available to help you expand the ways you serve your clients with life insurance. Today is the best day to start growing life insurance sales. Call us at 845-495-5000.

Paul is the Vice President of Sales at Brokers Central, with more than 20 years of financial services experience under his belt, most recently as a Regional Marketing Specialist for Prudential Insurance.View Paul’s bioContact Paul.