MetLife Enhanced Rate Plus

Launching on January 5, 2015, the new MetLife Enhanced Rate Plus underwriting program will offer qualifying MetLife Promise Whole Life Select 10 applicants the opportunity to move from Standard to best possible rating class1 and receive an underwriting decision within one week, with no paramedical exams or lab work required.
Who’s eligible:
  • Age 20 to 60
  • Applying for a MetLife Promise Whole Life Select 10 policy2 with a face amount of $100,000 to $1 million3
  • U.S. residents with a minimum residency period of two years
  • Non-smokers – no nicotine use within the last 24 months
To apply for the program, a producer must complete an Express Order Ticket. Following the telephone interview with the client, the Call Center representative will send the information to Underwriting to determine whether the client may qualify for the program. If the client qualifies, no lab work or paramedical exam will be required. If the client qualifies for a Standard rating class, he or she may also receive an upgrade to Elite or the best possible rating class.  To learn more about the program, check out the MetLife Enhanced Rate Plus program guide or contact us.
Why consider MetLife Promise Whole Life SelectSM 10?
With a level base policy premium payable for a duration of 10 years, MetLife Promise Whole Life Select 10 is a competitive option to help supplement retirement funds, and can be an ideal solution for clients:
  • Seeking a death benefit;
  • With a significant amount of money they are willing to reposition into a whole life policy for tax-advantaged growth; and/or
  • Wanting an alternative or additional way to fund their retirement – beyond their retirement plan, which may be funded to the maximum
Learn more: MetLife Promise Whole Life Marketing Playbook.
1Not all clients will qualify for an upgrade to Preferred or Elite. Certain factors – including, but not limited to, policy face amount, some medical impairments and other health and lifestyle risks – may prevent an upgrade to a Preferred or Elite rating class. 2MetLife Promise Whole Life Select 10 is approved in all 50 states, making MetLife Enhanced Rate Plus available in all states. 3The amount of in-force coverage issued by MetLife to the client within the past 12 months plus the amount being applied for may not exceed $1.75 million. If the amount exceeds $1.75 million, the client must undergo traditional underwriting.
MetLife Promise Whole Life Select 10 is issued by MetLife Insurance Company USA generally on Policy Form 5E-12-10 in all jurisdictions except New York, where it is issued by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company generally on Policy Form 1-15-13-NY (10).
For Producer Use Only. Not for Public Distribution.
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